Welcome to the 2-15-2016 season. Come the start of the season, we will shift all of last years times to the Meet results page but will leave them up here for now as you prepare for the year. You can find the following information updated on the site:
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2015 State Meet Results!!
Class B Boys Congratulations to Cape Elizabeth (Champ) and Talor Hamilton (Performer of the Meet)
Class B Girls Congratulations to Greely (Champ) and Leila Johnston (Performer of the Meet)
Class A Girls Congratulations to Brunswick (Champ) and Mariah Brady (Performer of the Meet)
Class A Boys Congratulations to Cheverus (Champ) and Jake Perron (Performer of the Meet)

AND here are all of the times of 2015 as of February 9, 2015:
Class B Girls top times
Class B Boys top times
Class A Girls top times
Class A Boys top times

Congratulations to all of the 2015 Conference Champions.

North Southwesterns Cheverus Boys; Greely Girls

South Southwesterns Massabesic Boys; Kennebunk Girls

PVC Bangor Boys; MDI Girls

KVAC A Brunswick Boys; Brunswick Girls

KVAC B Morse Boys; Camden Hill Girls